Forced Migration over the Longue Durée: Land, Displacement, and Restitution in Eastern Anatolia, 1858-2015


DOI: 10.12738/mejrs.2017.2.1.0108

Year: 2017 Vol: 2 Number: 1


Researchers in forced migration studies usually focus on current crises and tend to adopt relatively short timeframes for case studies. And yet, studying cases within narrow timeframes can obscure important underlying issues impacting conflict, flight, return, and restitution of housing, land, and property (HLP). This article argues that using broad time frames and paying closer attention to temporal effects can help us identify underlying causal mechanisms impacting forced migration. It presents a case study of problems affecting return and restitution of HLP in southeast Turkey. Adopting a long-term time frame, it argues that the mode of incorporating local elites into state legal institutions from the beginning of cadastral modernization from the mid-19th century to the present day have created long-term structural problems in land tenure that not only provoke conflict and flight, but also complicate restitution of HLP.

Methodology, Restorative justice, Cadastral modernization, Property rights

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