Turkish Immigrants: Rebuilding Their Life in Germany

Author/s: Halil Ekşi, Muhammed Çiftçi, Neslihan Yaman, Simel Parlak, Murat Dinçer, Enver Ulaş, Muhammet Aykuthan Ulusoy

DOI: 10.12738/mejrs.2016.1.2.001E

Year: 2016 Vol: 1 Number: 2


This study focuses on the Turkish immigrants’ experiences abroad, analyzing the experiences and perceptions of individuals migrating to Germany from Turkey. Particular attention has been paid to immigrants’ reasons for leaving Turkey, the entire migration process, including the decision making, travelling and arrival process, the resources they used to adapt to their new environment, and their regrets, if any, on having adapted to life abroad. This study was conducted by selecting ten episodes thought to best represent these experiences from the Turkish documentary, “Homesick Immigrants,” broadcast on Turkey’s official media outlet, TRT. The study sample includes ten individuals interviewed in the ten documentaries selected. The data were analyzed using Giorgi’s “Descriptive phenomenological research model,” which is one of the phenomenological approach models. According to the results, while immigrants wished to return to their home country, they also desired to rebuild their life abroad as a result of the positive circumstances in their host country.

Migration, Immigrant, Psycho-social process, Rebuilding life, Giorgi Style Phenomenological Research

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